Health & Safety



  1. Control PanelPicture17
  2. Easy Change battery module
  3. Powerful rear wheel motors
  4. Rubber-mounted side and rear bumpers
  5. Wide pneumatic tyres
  6. Gear lever – forward/reverse
  7. Polycarbonate front bumper
  8. Rubber buffers
  9. Accelerator pedal with speed limiter
  10. Adjustable seat
  11. Generous padding around driver
  12. Space frame chasis

Technical Specifications

Battery Powered  – Rear Wheel Drive – 1 – 7 mph Speed Output. Our Go-Karts are specifically designed for children who’s size is no more than equivalent to an 11 year old. Built with Safely in mind, our Go-Karts protect the passenger without the need for a helmet. For children aged 4 to 11 but there is no restriction on age, as long as you can fit in securely and drive safely you can have a drive (Maximum waist 32 inches)




The health and safety of our employees is of paramount importance. We aim to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all our employees and to provide them with the necessary information, instruction and training to achieve this aim.

Appropriate preventive measures are and will continue to be implemented following the identification of work related hazards and assessment of the risks associated with them.

We recognise the importance of employer/employee consultation of matters of health and safety and the value of individual consultation prior to allocating specific health and safety functions. We also accept our responsibility for health and safety of other persons who may be affected by our activities.

The allocation of duties for safety matters, the identity of competent persons appointed with particular responsibilities and the arrangements made to implement this policy are set out herein. Expert advice will be sought as necessary when determining health and safety risks and the measures required to guard against them.

The objectives of this safety statement can only be achieved through the support and co-operation of employees and all other persons who use our facilities.

The contents of this statement will be kept up to date to reflect the changes in the nature of the activities and the size or complexity of the company. We will review its effectiveness as appropriate.


Signed: L Pugh

Position: Owner

Director: Lee Pugh

Date: 1st January 2016


Maintenance of our equipment

All karts are kept up to the manufactures standards and before each event we check that they operate correctly (start and stop). All batteries are sealed gel type supplied by the manufacturer. The track is kept in a clean condition and all anchorage points are checked.


Setting up for an event (Outdoor)

The ground has to be level and free from divots etc.. We check that we are not obstructing emergency vehicle access. We also make sure that the inflatable is securely fixed to the ground.


Setting up for an event (Indoor)

Check the room for suitability, ensure children can not fall out of any windows and check the location of emergency exits. Assemble all the children outside before entering the party room. Ensure they all have name tags. Bring the children into the party room and explain the do’s and don’ts, The blower is switched off during this talk. Point out all the emergency exits and toilet facilities. Children are only permitted to use the toilet facilities when accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Fire safety

A fire extinguisher is kept on site at all times during any event. It will be held in a safe and secure position in our vehicle if we are allowed to keep our vehicle on site, next or close to our inflatable circuit. Or it will kept in a safe, secure and suitable place within our circuit boundary. To be decided by our head trained operator on the day, or under the guidance of the venue management or Fire Safety Officer.


Operating at events

To prevent spectators entering the track we have an additional barrier enclosing the tack to stop children leaning against it, or dangling their arms and legs inside it. All children are given tuition once seated in the kart with emphasis on stopping immediately when a whistle is blown. A whistle is blown for the following reasons:-

  1. End of a child’s turn.
  2. Emergency stop for all children.
  3. Alerting all staff to immediately switch off the karts.

Before entering the track the youngest and tallest drivers are checked for age and height restrictions, then all drivers are not allowed onto the track until all the karts have been switched off. The karts are not switched on again until all the drivers have had tuition and any accompanying person has left the track.


Other hazards

  1. The fan and generator is situated inside the additional barrier to prevent as far possible the public from brushing against the exhaust.
  2. There are safety belts fitted to stop children attempting to leave a kart whilst other karts are still switched on.
  3. The karts are fitted with wrap round bumpers to front and back to stop wheels interlocking.
  4. The karts run on sealed gel batteries to prevent acid spills or burns.
  5. Neither parents nor guardians are permitted inside the track whilst the karts are running.



Always do what you are told by the operators. When told to stop take your foot of the accelerator pedal. Drive carefully, its more fun.



Touch the top switch.

Tamper with the accelerator pedal.

Get out of the karts yourself.

Cause a crash.

Lean out of the karts whilst driving.

Enter onto the track until invited to do so by the operators.

Lean on the track whilst waiting your turn.